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I've always dreamed of feeling like a princess.

Find out here why we women feel appreciated and pampered in Dubai.

Many people wonder why I chose Dubai of all places. It was a spontaneous decision I made shortly before the COVID measures in Germany: I flew to Dubai and stayed. I quickly found friends from all cultures here and loved wrapping myself in long garments and traditional clothes. Acceptance is a big deal here and it's lived out every day.

Dubai truly fascinates many people as a city where anything is possible. The city has undergone enormous development in recent decades and offers a wealth of opportunities that aren't available in other parts of the world.

There are several reasons why women can feel like princesses in Dubai:

1. Culture and hospitality: Dubai's culture is marked by hospitality and respect towards women. Women are often treated preferentially and enjoy a high status in society. (For example, there are special areas on the Dubai Metro just for women to ensure their safety and comfort.)

2. Luxury and elegance: Dubai is known for its luxury and elegance. Women can enjoy a variety of luxurious shopping experiences, fun and wellness activities, as well as first-class restaurants and hotels. (For instance, there are Lady Nights, Lady Brunches, and other perks available at selected hotspots every week.)

3. Safety: Dubai is a very safe city, which is especially important for women. The police are highly visible, and there are many surveillance cameras, which provide a sense of security.

(It's not a fairy tale that luxury bags or phones can be left on a table without being stolen.)

4. Cleanliness: It increases the quality of life and promotes well-being, giving you a sense of importance. (For example, even underground garages are cleaned every day, with nothing left on the ground. Walk around in white socks for a day, and they'll still be white in the evening!)

5. Freedom and independence: Women in Dubai enjoy many freedoms and a high degree of independence, which isn't always the case in other countries. Women can work, study, and travel in Dubai without having to worry about their safety.

(For instance, there's Dubai's Women's College.)

6. Diversity: Dubai is a very diverse city with people from many different cultures and nationalities. Women can move around freely in Dubai and meet people with diverse backgrounds and interests. (For example, women might approach you, give compliments, or ask if you need help.)

All of this and much more contributes to making women feel like princesses in Dubai. The city offers a combination of luxury, safety, freedom, and hospitality, which allows us women to feel pampered and appreciated.

Fotocredit: Handren Faraj

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